Gold Coast Accommodation.

Gold Coast Accommodation - from the Beach to the Hinterland - something for everyone.

With accommodation ranging from hostel/backpacker style, to beautiful 5 star beachside resorts, to health spas and rainforest cabins in the Hinterland, everyone's choice is catered for.

Accommodation styles - what are the differences?

The definitions are based on my own experience. It's important to ask all the relevant questions, and hopefully have a look at a property before committing yourself to stay.

Flats, units, apartments and condominiums

Flats - could be considered older style dwellings, attached to someone's house, or in a small block of 4-6 flats in a low rise building.
Units - are probably newer versions of 'flats', and are often (but not always) in High Rise buildings, and may have a pool/spa and gym.
Apartments and Condominiums are American terms that may describe a unit in a large complex. Sometimes with a higher standard of building and amenities.

Beach Front and Beach Side

Beach Front - you would expect to walk out the door onto the beach.
Beach Side - means on the eastern side (beach side) of the Gold Coast Highway.
Accommodation types cover all the styles listed here - From 5 star to share accommodation

Hotels and 5 Star Resorts.

Hotel/Resort - a 3 to 5 star building with a high standard of accommodation, guest services and amenities. Not to be confused with the hotel ('local pub') where lots of Aussie blokes go for a beer with their mates, to talk about football and cricket. The local pub/hotel may have cheap accommodation (maybe no toilet or bathroom) and meals.


Motel - usually a budget style, self contained room, in a one or two storey building, without the luxurious add-ons. A good clean place to sleep and shower whilst travelling overnight or short term.

The Hinterland

The Hinterland is used to describe property on the Western side of the M1 Motorway and includes areas such as Mt Tamborine, and Springbrook.

Share Accommodation and Couch Surfing

Share accommodation and Couch Surfing - often mean dealing directly with the home owner or tenant, to have use of a room and bathroom, kitchen in return for rent and/or some work such as gardening, cleaning etc.

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